Friends, funda, and the codon-controversy

The Trifiniv really made me rethink about my fundamental notions about biology.

The Trifinov paper really made me rethink about my fundamental notions about biology.

Too much blogging for one day? Well that comes of blogging too little on a 2 year old blog.

So today was a weird day, as all good days are wont to be. For the fifth semester in a row I wrote all six exams in a row. I’m probably the only one to  hold this record form my class, heck, from my department. But writing exams can be quite taxing, more because your body hates staying up late on a chair with thick books on its thigh. Not to mention the strong signals of disapproval your brain keeps sending you. So all in all it is quite an arduous endeavour.

But later in the evening I met up with a veritable mob in KC. Tara’s treat! Man, I love that girl. I would have never thought I’d be advocating socialising, much less practising it, two years ago. But here I am, and man, did I have fun! Friends can be amazing people, and although a small part of me is protesting against this sudden anthropophilia, I’m not going to be locking myself away from the reaches of humanity yet. Food, laughter, gossip, random talk, planning, reminiscing! Who said rowing old is bad?

But now I’m back in my room, and I am yet to start working on my assignment, which is due in about 14 hours~gulp~. I did a quick search and came up with a lot of interesting stuff: my assignment is about the universality of the codon table in the face of recent evidence, and I realised that it is one of the most controversial topics in biology today!  I am appalled by all the theistic/pro-creationism bull-shit that is being justified on the grounds that no successful theory exists to explain the variations in codon usage across organisms. How desperate can these radical clowns get?

But all the lame faux-intellectuality aside, I find this whole thing about codons fascinating.

Check out this paper!

I’ll get back to you guys in a little while. But before that, the codon-brandishing missionaries need to be addressed.


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