The day I decided…

Its been a while since this blog has been last perused. And I’ve been considerably guilty about my last post: if all my blog posts are going to be rants, I’d rather stick to burning scraps of paper in the dead f the night. So I decided that I should finally get down to some real blogging. Yay!

Why the sudden resolve you ask? Well it is quite an interesting story in itself: ‘ta was telling me about how she had discovered that Koor was acquainted with the boyfriend of the writer of some blog whom she happened to be stalking. Typical ‘ta. But the point is the whole discussion came full circle when I realized that I knew this boyfriend too, and very well at that! After a fun evening at KC, I hurried back to do a little snooping around, and voilà, on my second attempt Google led me to the Blog. It is a beautiful piece of work, the blog, and you can see that the blogger puts in a lot of effort and writes with immense passion. Passion! But then that goes unsaid when you are talking about love and the like. Like stains on white clothes, rather.

But that’s the point. It was the Blog that had built a new connection in the web of my human interactions and acquaintances. And funnily enough, while I don’t really see how the blog reflects anything about me, it changed something in me. A little nudge for blog-writing perhaps? I don’t know. But well here I am, and I’d rather post something while I can, before the net starts acting up again(woe befall on the India-vs-Australia cricket match that is hogging my network.)

What is passion? I’ve been wondering of late. I would like very much to be a man of logic(pardon the sexist usage). To make point blank and matter of fact statements, unsullied by emotion and affectation. I would like my speech to be structured, articulate, precise and objective. All very reasonable, no? But therein lies my problem. None of these adjectives even begin to describe me. I am brash and moody and excitable. I laugh easily and I explore the world with passion. I am dramatic and flamboyant in my mannerisms and theatrical in my expressions. So can I ever achieve my ideal? So the next question I ask myself is, are pure logic and frivolous passion mutually exclusive traits in people? Is that why scientists, more so mathematicians are stereotyped to be “boring” and unnatural? Stilted, and forced in their interactions with the world, which necessitate a display of emotion, of raw passion? Is there a middle ground? If so how do I work towards being that person?


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