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H’low folks!
I’m sorry to have vanished for the last two weeks. I’ve been having exams and this time has been surprisingly bad. After 4 exams, it feels as though I’ve given up on my course altogether. As I flop down after a draining, unproductive 3 hours session in a stuffy classroom I realise that I barely touch my books these days. And that I get easily carried away by 1) the net- okay I take complete responsibility for this. and 2) Mundane gossip. Just imagine! Of all forms of escapism I have to go for gossiping -.-
So generally life has been sliding down again and before the D-phase can set in I’m desperately trying to get myself up with MUSIC!
I discovered a fortnight ago. It is quite surprising because I’ve been trawling the net for good music websites/ Youtube- alternatives for as long as I can remember.
Anyway, I discovered that Dhingana sports one helluva hindustani collection, and I started exploring with, a delightful recitation by the oh-so-lovely Manjiri Kelkar. This is where my love for Tilak Kamod begins. And that isn’t all, check out the Adana link on the page! Rang rang mat pheko Banwari- Wah! I just everything about that rendition from her voice, her accent, the bandish…

Just when I thought I had started getting acquainted with Hindustani music, it springs another surprise at me: Ragamala paintings! So far Wikipedia has been my most exhaustive source of information, but I’d really to know more about this form of art. It literally is a representation of music, a personification, in ink and paint! Thus begins another adventure. And tagging along comes a retinue of distractions, but hey, distractions aren’t distractions unless you call them that, no?
Where can I learn more about the history of the Ragamalas?

Exquisite! A new world withing music...

Exquisite! A new world within music…


Thin, crispy, crust fried to the right shade of light brown. A succulent filling of sweetened coconut, a sweetness not jarring and obnoxious but mild and sophisticated. The Karchikai, for me, is symbolic of the rich gastronomic heritage of Kannada culture. Yet this, and many other delicacies: chirote, mandgi and even the humble alhitt are disappearing from the banana leaves on festive days in the recent past. The reason is fairly obvious: the qualities that are prerequisites for Indian cooking, patience, skill, passion and unconditional, motherly love are quite asynchronous with the ideals of the global village. And that’s the way the Karchikai crumbles.

A rare treat indeed!

Home Homer Homest

After an insanely intense journey last night I thought I was ready to drop dead with lack of sleep. But everything starts working differently at home. You no longer feel fatigue or desperation or urgency of any kind… Long lazy days, filled with conversations and punctuated by liberal helpings of delectable festival fare. This is life!

I now need to read about thermosensation in C. elegans. Fun fun! 

“If joy is the aim and the core of existence, she thought, and if that which has the power to give one joy is always guarded as one’s deepest secret, then they had seen each other naked at that moment.”

5/8th an engineer!


Today was the last day of this semester and it’s been wonderful so far! I was up before dawn to finish my assignment(it was barely satisfactory, but I did learn a lot. I still think I ought to have included a section on the impact of codon non-universality on society and religion. You should have a look at my previous post). I got ready and attended all the classes in the morning.

I continued Atlas Shrugged from where I had left off: I can completely relate to Dagny Taggart! It is slightly freaky, but the setting of the story itself is so intense that you can’t help but relating to the protagonists. But I’m sure Dagny in any other setting would have been my least favourite character. I can’t wait to get back to reading!

The profs were handing out the answer sheets from the last test, and I ended up failing in math. Something that has never happened till now. But hey, this was my last semester of math, and I would consider having made it this far itself quite an achievement.

I have to go get my packing done, because we are leaving in the evening. This weekend is diwali. I’m not excited at all. But I’m going home, and there’ll be food. Lots of food. So that’s something to look forward to!