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H’low folks!
I’m sorry to have vanished for the last two weeks. I’ve been having exams and this time has been surprisingly bad. After 4 exams, it feels as though I’ve given up on my course altogether. As I flop down after a draining, unproductive 3 hours session in a stuffy classroom I realise that I barely touch my books these days. And that I get easily carried away by 1) the net- okay I take complete responsibility for this. and 2) Mundane gossip. Just imagine! Of all forms of escapism I have to go for gossiping -.-
So generally life has been sliding down again and before the D-phase can set in I’m desperately trying to get myself up with MUSIC!
I discovered http://www.dhingana.com/ a fortnight ago. It is quite surprising because I’ve been trawling the net for good music websites/ Youtube- alternatives for as long as I can remember.
Anyway, I discovered that Dhingana sports one helluva hindustani collection, and I started exploring with http://www.dhingana.com/raag-tilak-kamod-song-classical-vocal-vol.-2-manjari-asanare-hindustani-2a094b1, a delightful recitation by the oh-so-lovely Manjiri Kelkar. This is where my love for Tilak Kamod begins. And that isn’t all, check out the Adana link on the page! Rang rang mat pheko Banwari- Wah! I just everything about that rendition from her voice, her accent, the bandish…

Just when I thought I had started getting acquainted with Hindustani music, it springs another surprise at me: Ragamala paintings! So far Wikipedia has been my most exhaustive source of information, but I’d really to know more about this form of art. It literally is a representation of music, a personification, in ink and paint! Thus begins another adventure. And tagging along comes a retinue of distractions, but hey, distractions aren’t distractions unless you call them that, no?
Where can I learn more about the history of the Ragamalas?

Exquisite! A new world withing music...

Exquisite! A new world within music…